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Innovation is a process, its a ladder. We do one thing, Data-Sandwich provides the missing step.

What makes us unique

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The thing that makes us unique is our approach and it is  simple. We provide the missing step on your insurance innovation ladder. In other words, you still do what you have always done but we set you up to succeed by de-risking your project and upping your creativity.

You may think that you are already doing much of what we suggesting ie. ideation, protyping, going to market etc. The good news is, you probably are but small changes can bring about big results. We just help you package, automate and implement these changes.


Its commonly accepted that excellence is achieved by raising the bar a little in all areas (The Aggregation of Marginal Gains, Clear, 2022).  It's also said in Chaos Theory that small changes can have an extraordinary ripple effect (Butterfly Effect, Lorenz, 1972). Our value proposition is we have identified what those small changes should be and have put them all in one convenient easy to share platform.

Yes, we do make big use technology, including AI but insurance is and always has been a people business. The platform is as much about people as technology and its taken a few iterations to get the balance right. Our mission is simple, we want to play a small but significant part in your innovation success.

If you experience one our 'try before you buy' workshops the difference in our approach will be obvious. In fact, all you have to do is complete one of the FREE challenges and we will give a fully working version of the platform together with the companion apps for on the go participation.


What we're not

  1. We're not a big consultancy or SI mainly focussed on process and operations nor are we a generic innovation platform focussed on creativity.  Our platform is designed for maximum creativity for  insurance ideas.

  2. We're not a heavy solution, it compliments without disrupting what you already have. You  use it as a complimentary overlay.

See how it works below. It looks simple and it is. The differentiator is in the back end which uniquely identifies risks to innovation projects and uses AI and human psychology to power up your creativity.

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'We use AI to de-risk innovation
and power creativity'


The Data-Sandwich innovation platform takes many elements of innovation and rearranges them optimally - it raises the bar automatically and consistently throughout the innovation process.


At the same time, it provides an early warning system to keep everything safe from the risk factors which too often - 80% of the time - sabotage this type of project.


If its of interest we would love to speak with you, click here.

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