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Typically, we work with teams of 10 -100 collaborators which can be any combination of employees, partners, insurtechs, customers, consultancies, thought leaders, industry analysts, agents/brokers, etc


Pricing is comfort and reward based (rather than T&M), we find this fairer and more motivating for our clients.



a) There is no up front fee

b) We include a 'try before you buy' workshop before your contract is activated

b) There is no 'lock in, after 6 months you can cancel without notice



You are not buying technology or a methodology, you are buying an improved innovation experience  and a way of turning around the sector statistic that 4 out of 5 innovation projects fail.  

There's no magic behind this, we simply provide you with a solid way of de-risking innovation projects and amp up the creative piece. It takes both, one without the other does not fix the problem.

As well as increased satisfaction, over time this will bring you very substantial savings.

If you consider a small project team of 10 people with a chargeable hourly rate of £1,000, having 10 meetings that's a £100,000 cost (before prototyping and implementation). Multiply that by 4 failed projects that's £400,000.  Now imagine 2 teams of 10 people having 30 meetings and the number goes from £400k to £2.4m ... and so on.


  • Our subscription fee is £6,000pm for a minimum of 6 months, it can then be cancelled at any time.


  • This provides resources for 5 projects with up to 100 users on each.

  • Includes 'try before you buy' workshop for a minimum of 10 attendees.

  • No set up fee

For further infomation on what is included see below -

Included - 

Excluded - 

  • Introductory workshop to remove cognitive biases, provide a reuseable creative framework, create optimal conditions for insurance focussed creativity, tap into Cognitive Surplus and more.

  • Access to the unique Data-Sandwich Innovation platform

  • AI assisted ideation for 'seeding' authentic innovation

  • AI assisted de-risking of the innovation project

  • Digital Collaboration between internal and external contributors

  • Governance layer 

  • Optional HR management layer

  • Assisted digital prototyping

  • Bullet-proofing, actuarial, compliance, IT gap analysis, a/b testing, etc

  • Where an innovation requires a technology outside the normal scope of insurance product or service additional costs may apply with prior agreement and consent e.g. temporary licenses, implementation services, etc

  • Where distribution services are required these are available on a subscription basis

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