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  • What will the platform do and how will it help?
    The platform does 2 things very well. Its the synergy between the two that make it work. Getting one half of the equation right will not get you the results you seek. 1) We keep your project safe. We have identified 24 risk factors unique to innovation projects vs traditional projects. You can still use your project management software but we will track these other unseen factors (unknown unknowns) which can silently disrupt your project. 2) We create close to perfect conditions for authentic creativity to happen. One of the biggest problems with innovation projects is people do not understand what 'thinking outside of the box' or 'blue sky thinking' really means. In short, they need guidance and some practical help. We achieve this through a combination of light social engineering, some AI and a lot of creative thinking techniques.
  • Who is the platform for?
    Its for anyone involved or, who should be involved, in the innovation process. Here are some examples - Product/Service Input Product Managers, Claims managers, Underwriters, Actuaries, Pricing, Clause Writers, Marketing, Channel Managers, Affinity/Embedded Managers, Direct Managers Digital Enablement Input IT Infrastructure Managers, IT Application Managers, Data-Scientists, Data Managers Project Management and Governance Input PM's CxO, Compliance, IT Special Input Consultancies Disatisfied & Happy Customers Customer facing relationship managers including CSR's Innovation Hubs Industry Analysts & Thought Leaders Insurtechs and niche tech providers HR
  • HR - Why does Data-Sandwich recommend using the platform with HR?
    Digital platforms and innovation hubs will connect people but you also want them to connect the right people, in the right way at the right time. HR are ideally placed to set this up. Connecting people digitally is relatively easy but making sure you have the right people on the teams is not. HR have helicopter view of Human Resources and an understanding of 'soft factors' like motivation, autonomy, fatigue and so on. We live in an age where 'digital' is seen as the silver bullet for everything - until its not. There are real benefits to nurturing the people side of the equation and HR are ideally situated to do this and if it gives your innovation projects an edge - why not? The short video below explains one of the reasons why it makes sesne to involve HR.
  • Who is Data-Sandwich and how safe is my data and digital assets?
    We are a small well funded start up. Incorporated in the UK and with Implementation partners around the world, the lead partner being Bytesforce in Singapore. You have access to all of your data and digital assets are downloadable so, if Data-Sandwich ceased to exist your innovation is safe.
  • What is the role of AI in the platform?
    Its important to keep the AI part in perspective. It very easy to end up focussing on this component because its topical and new. It is not a silver bullet and is only as good as the instructions it is given to follow. At the same time it is incredibly useful for automating thought processes that humans find tedious - what we repeatedly refer to as the 'heavy lifting'. The AI is a part of the platform but its not the most important part. It's there to do a number of tasks and is constantly evolving. An example being it will assist with the intelligent generation of new ideas by iterating through possibilities of merging 2 concepts to create a 3rd new one (an innovation). in other words, we use AI as a black box power-tool to de-risk innovation projects and to do the heavy lifting - the iterative part - of creative reasoning. Its not a 'set it and forget it' substitute for human intelligence. We often get asked what is our AI algorithm because there is some understandable skepticism about 'black-box' technology. However, we don't share our algorithm because its our IP. Its the same reason software application companies don't share their source code. As we said, AI is important. But actually the most important part of the Data-Sandwich offering is in the process we have created for meaningful collaboration that is both authentically creative and appropriately de-risked for insurance purposes. Using Reductio ad absurdumyou could say its just a business process but that's like saying Coca-Cola is just another fizzy drink.
  • How much is it?
    Our pricing model is described here It works on the basis that without our platform its commonly accepted 4 out of every 5 innovation projects fail. We provide the means to turn that number around which means a conservatively estimated cost saving in the range of £400k to £2.5m. In addition to that you increase your chances that the successful projects will generate increased revenue. Our subscription for up 100 users is £6000pm representing an annual expenditure of £72k.
  • Why is the Data-Sandwich proposition so different to what is already available?
    As far as we know there isn't anything really out there that approaches risk management and creativity as a single combined activity let alone include the the layers of sophistication guiding the processes. We know its an unusal proposition and it was was made possible because of the teams equally unsual mix of experience. This is a combination of international experience in selling large insurance systems, actually working in insurance, creative experience. an passion for IT and last but not least - an understanding of extreme sports. The latter is more relevant than it first appears 😁.
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