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An Insurance  Innovation Consultancy first

and a Technology Company second.

Love people, respect tech. We say this because you can have all of the tech in the world but without a good idea its worth nothing.

We are passionate about solving one problem, innovating new insurance products that customers both need and want. 

Our philosophy is insurance innovation is really like an extreme sport

There's little more satisfying than being so far over the edge you see things nobody else has seen before. This is what true innovation is about. No denying its hard.


It's that sense of having got everything right, aka Flow-State .  This is what we aim for with your team. We want to ruffle your feathers in a good way.  Our projects are not dress rehearsals.

We also know innovation for innovation sake is no reward. The 'trick' is to find a product that consumers need.


Never forget you really are society's safety net when things go wrong. Having the ability to see when trends and events make holes in that net is your opportunity for real innovation.


Our goal is to take you to that place where you can see what this means for yourself.  See you on the edge!

How can we help?

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