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3 integrated modules







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1. VISUALISER module


Use AI assisted innovation templates and collaborative  digital whiteboards to guide your team to find new creative possibilities.

2. DIGITISER module

(Powered by Bystesforce*)

See the idea come to life with a working digital prototype - quote, bind, issue, claims, services, etc and more.

3. CAPITALISER module 


Goto market with confidence after our regulatory bullet-proofing. Then, distribute using your own or our distribution capability

VISUALISER features 


  • Deconstruction - the process of removing barriers to new commercially viable ideas

  • AI driven Innovation templates - unique to Data-Sandwich for collaborative brain storming and ideation. These embed Flow-State theory as used in extreme sports and incorporates many methods borrowed from the creative industries.

  • A framework that democratises creativity so everyone has an equal say with anonymous voting as an option.

  • The output of this module can be processed in the DIGITISER to create a working prototype

DIGITISER features

  • Product and Channel configuration

  • Admin processes configuration - quote, bind, issue, claim and so on.

  • Plugins to meet other requirements e.g. AI, Blockchain, RPA, OCR, IoT and so on

  • This module is Open API & Microservices driven and comes with application and architectural guidance.


*Bytesforce is a leading provider of open API Insurance solutions and Insurtech components.



  • Regulatory and compliance checks

  • Actuarial sanity testing

  • Gap analysis of your existing IT Infrastructure in preparation to launch the new Prototype

  • A/B testing

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