Use Cases

The 3 most common Use Cases

For Creative Power

For Insurers that want a repeatable way to massively level up their creative power. (No more, ‘thinking outside of the box’)

Manage this by optimising conditions for creativity and using AI as a powertool.


  1. Creative Thinking + AI
  2. Cognitive Surplus/Bias
  3. Creative Democracy + Flow-State

For De-risking

For insurers that realise traditional project software does not ‘see’ the 24 risk factors unique to innovation projects.

​Manage this by flagging and monitoring them throughout the project lifecycle.


  1. Early warning alerts + AI
  2. Tools to manage the risks
  3. Governance overlay to bullet-proof project

For Unification

For insurers that need to unify more contributors beyond the practical limitations of their existing ‘Innovation Hub’.

Manage this by merging creative inputs from diverse sources using an ‘overlay’.


  1. Enables employees to work with all types of 3rd parties e.g. partners, consultancies etc
  2. Hybrid collaboration
  3. Real time and offline

Discovery calls are a good way to see if there is a potential fit