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What makes us unique
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Platforms are designed to streamline complex processes by putting all the processes and resources you need in one place. Ours will help you all in one workspace without impacting your own IT resource.

However, what makes us unique is the use of AI for 2 very specific purposes.

1) Our algorithm identifies and tracks the hidden risk factors unique to innovation projects. This protects your project from being derailed unexpectedly by any of the hidden 24 risk factors referred to in the Home page or see them detail here Deep Dive.

2) Our AI takes the heavy lifting out of the creative process by systematically iterating through 

concepts raised in the ideation sessions to synthesise new ideas. The algorithm mimics the way creatives work but keeps the suggestions within boundaries (edges) relevant to your business.

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The Data-Sandwich innovation platform takes many elements of innovation and rearranges them optimally - it raises the bar automatically and consistently throughout the innovation process.


At the same time, it provides an early warning system to keep everything safe from the risk factors which so often sabotage this type of project.


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